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Book Review: Beyond Journalistic Norms: Role Performance and News in Comparative Perspective.

The review of Scott A. Eldridge II on our new JRP book "Beyond Journalistic Norms: Role Performance and News in Comparative Perspective" (Ed. Claudia Mellado Routledge) is finally out. Check it out on this link #JRPproject

Beyond Journalistic Norms is the product of Claudia Mellado and seventeen of her colleagues’ multi-year Journalism Role Performance (JRP) project. In it, they unfurl their extensive effort to explore journalistic roles and practices around the world, drawing findings from the project's empirical studies into the conversation. The second book from the JRP endeavor (cf. Mellado et al. 2017), Beyond Journalistic Norms, moves through twelve chapters, setting out theoretical foundations and methodological design (Part I: Professional Roles and Journalistic Performance), detailing particular comparative studies that encourage us to understand the nuances of their performance (Part II: The Manifestation of Journalistic Role Performance in the News), and showing how these findings confront extant understandings of how roles play out across and within different media and media systems (Part III: Explaining Journalistic Role Performance).


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