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New publication: How does the press perform its watchdog role around the world?

The article ¨Detached or Interventionist? Comparing the Performance of Watchdog Journalism in Transitional, Advanced and Non-democratic Countries¨ authored by 17 members of our project was just published in the International Journal of Press/Politics. Based on data produced during the first wave of the project - a content analysis of 33,640 news stories from sixty-four media outlets in eighteen countries- the article proposes the interventionist and the detached orientations to watchdog journalism through the conceptual lens of journalistic role performance. The findings show that the interventionist approach of watchdog journalism is more likely to be found in democracies with traditionally partisan and opinion-oriented journalistic cultures or experiencing sociopolitical crises. In turn, the detached orientation predominates in democracies with journalistic traditions associated to objectivity. The results also reveal that structural contexts of undemocratic political regimes and restricted press freedom are key definers of watchdog role performance overall.

Read the full article here:


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