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New JRP Project Paper Published in The International Journal of Press/Politics

Great news for our project! Our paper “Investigating the Gap Between Newspaper Journalists' Role Conceptions and Role Performance in Nine European, Asian and Latin American Countries” has just been published in the International Journal of Press/Politics. 

In times of skepticism about the performance of journalism and the media, the article investigates the gaps between newspaper journalists’ role conceptions and the average performance of their news media organizations. Our findings reveal that the largest gaps occur for the two roles most connected with the public service-oriented functions of journalism and that influences at the organizational level and, more specifically, ownership and codified editorial policies, strongly explain conception–performance gaps. Moreover, multilevel analyses offer significant evidence that, across all six analyzed roles, the size of the gaps differed more clearly between journalists and between media organizations, than among countries.

The piece represents a fine contribution to the study of the link between ideals and journalistic practice, and it is authored by Claudia Mellado, Cornelia Mothes, Daniel Hallin, María Luisa Humanes, Maria Lauber, Jacques Mick, Henry Silke, Colin Sparks, Adriana Amado, Sergey Davydov & Dasniel Olivera. 

Available at:

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