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JRP Panel at ICA, Paris

Actualizado: 3 jul 2022

On May 27, after two years of fieldwork, our project presented its first set of results during ICA Paris in the panel “Comparing Journalistic Work Across Countries, News Platforms, and Beats in a Pandemic Context (JRP Project, 2nd Wave).”

More than 100 people attended our session. The panel gathered journalism scholars from across the world to discuss journalistic roles based on the analysis of more than 140,000 TV, radio, online, and print news stories from multiple beats and 2,800 journalists' survey responses in 37 countries.

The panel the patterns of difference and impact of system-level variables on role performance across countries; the ways in which journalistic roles vary across platforms and types of news; and the relationship between ideals, self-reported behaviors, and performance across organizations and cultures in an age of social media. In addition, the panel made use of the extensive body of data our sample provides on COVID-19, exploring the changes in journalistic role performance associated with the pandemic.

To all those who were there, thanks for being part of Journalistic Role Performance at ICA.


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