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New JRP Project (Second Wave) Paper Published in Digital Journalism

Actualizado: 19 may 2023

Our 37-country study “Does News Platform Matter? Comparing Online Journalistic Role Performance to Newspaper, Radio, and Television” was just published in Digital Journalism @djeditorialteam.

Based on the second wave of the @JRPproject, we content analyzed 148,474 stories produced by 365 media organizations from 37 countries, studying if journalistic roles perform themselves differently across platforms, and if these differences are constant or vary across countries.

Results show that the the news platform had a significant impact, particularly in terms of service and infotainment orientation, while the implementation of roles oriented toward public service was more similar.

Country differences in the relationship between role performance and platforms mainly emerged for roles that enable political influence on the news, with differences between online vs. traditional platforms appearing to be distinct features of the specific political system.


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