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Three JRP studies were presented at ICA, Toronto

As in previous years, the JRP Project was part of the ICA Conference in Toronto, Canada, held between May 25 and May 29. Specifically, three studies based on the JRP data were presented during the conference generating an interesting discussion among the academic community.

On May 26, Sarah Van Leuven and Daniel Jackson presented the paper "Narrating the News: A Comparative Study of Sourcing Practices in 37 Countries", while Daniel Hallin and Claudia Mellado did the same with the study "The Societal Context of Professional Practice: Examining the Impact of Politics and Economics on Journalistic Role Performance across 37 Countries."

Meanwhile, on May 28, Sandrine Boudana and Akiba Cohen presented the paper "Between Domestic, Foreign and Mixed News: The Geographic Frame in Journalistic Role Performance."

To all those who were there, thanks for being part of Journalistic Role Performance at ICA.

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