Journalistic Role Performance Around the Globe (JRP) is a comparative research project which addresses this disconnection between ideals and practice in journalism, analyzing how different dimensions of professional roles materialize in the news product.

The main objective of the project is to compare journalistic role performance crossnationally, understanding the influence that different media systems have on the practice of journalism, as well as the gap between role conceptions and professional practice. Specifically, this study connects the characteristics of different professional role conceptions that have been theoretically and empirically operationalized and validated in comparative contexts (that is journalists understanding of what role they should play in society), with the study of news production (the visibility of such a role in news content).

Both data and results will be made comprehensively available on this website, becoming an interesting resource for scholars, policymakers, journalists, as well as international institutions.

Funding is provided by the respective national research councils, universities and/or local organizations of the participating countries.